Docovery: Toward Generic Automatic Document Recovery

Broken documents wanted!

Docovery is a novel input format-independent document recovery technique.
As every research project, we need good real-world benchmarks.

If you have a document | image | video | sound file that doesn't load or crashes
your favourite application, please consider uploading it using the form below.

1. Tell us some more about the problem:

2. Select the broken file (up to 10MB):

3. Optionally, provide contact details (to send you the recovered file, if successful):


Docovery is a document recovery technique that is input format-independent and strives to recover broken files in a way that preserves as much of the original contents as possible.

Currently we target Linux applications only.

For more details about the project, please see the project web page.


We will use the uploaded documents for research purposes only and we might want to make the files publicly available (to allow comparative research studies, etc.)

We will not disclose e-mail addresses to third parties. However, since we cannot guarantee industry-level protection, please be advised that you upload documents and provide your e-mail address on your own risk.


Please note that we cannot recover all the submitted files, but if we are successful, we will be happy to send it back to you.

Please provide your e-mail address if your are interested.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the project or would rather like to send us documents via e-mail, please contact Tomasz Kuchta