NEWS (10/2019): I have a funded PhD position for explainable AI and cyber security.
NEWS (04/2019): I will be a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Cardiff University this November.

Tingting Li (李婷婷) is currently a PostDoctoral Research Associate working with Prof. Chris Hankin at the Institute for Security Science & Technology, Imperial College London. She is working on the project Research Institute in Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems (RITICS) which mainly focuses on producing models and tools in support of effective defence for protecting ICS from cyber attacks. Prior to joining the institute, she obtained her PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Bath in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Julian Padget and Dr. Marina De Vos. She also received her MSc degree in Computing (Imperial College London, 2009) and her Bachelor degree in Information Security (Xidian University, China, 2008). Her research interests primarily lie in cyber security for industrial control systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, agent-based modelling and multi-agent systems.

Research Interests

Research Institute in Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems (RITICS)

Originally designed as self-contained and isolated networks, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have evolved to become increasingly interconnected with IT systems and other, wider, networks and services. Whilst offering great efficiencies in terms of setup and running costs this trend has exposed ICS to a growing range of vulnerabilities and the potential for large-scale inter-organisational and inter-industry impacts. In recognition of these trends RITICS@Imperial focuses on four key areas:


Professional Activities