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Random Lab Ex Stuff

Towers of Hanoi v1

Towers of Hanoi v2

Maze lab-ex super maze: Francis gave up after 1,089,438,937,594,835,510,175,577,376,400,285,031,468,205,568 solutions had been found. The super challenge maze can be found here.


Compiler Lab:

Modula 2 Optimisation Challenge - For the Java Compiler, a C version can be found: here
Ahem, this program doesn't actually do what I think it did for some reason...will update later with a working version at some point. Tho its still an optimisation challenge...(at the moment its broken, but its now the working broken as opposed to the broken broken version) My assembly for this is here. (Spim on the lab machines will get up to 930 then stop with this asm, yay :-) - sadly Adam's compiler managed to hit 972!!!! )

Modula 2 Check Program - For the Java Compiler - checks If's nested in while loops with various conditions.

Modula 2 Check Program - For the Java Compiler - checks if multiply by 0 or x+0 is optimised out correctly.

8346 lines of java is what my submission came to in the end, all in fully made (inc. given code )

Individual Project

Fleece - Project wiki...expect random stuff :)

Misc Stuff

rexec, spike, skynet - A comparison of rexec, spike and skynet

Robotics - Group Log-Book for Robotics project

Army Ant Simulation - I was bored...

Army Ant Simulation v2 - I was boreder...

Bridge Crossing Applet - based on O.S. coursework

BNF form of First Order Predicate Logic Copied from Russell and Norvig book

Minix Directory Tree - dunno if its any use, but might come in helpful for the lab

IDA* Search Applet - a quick demonstation of how IDA* moves through the search space + I used proper css in there so it looks a bit weird.

Decision Tree Learning Applet - program to edit, parse and generate a 'minimal' decision tree from given data, providing information on the calculations used to get there. You'll need java 1.5 set up to view this.

Huffman Trees & Binary - very quickly knocked up cgi-perl code to draw user-specified huffman trees and binary numbers.

Random stuff to do with xhtml 1.0 strict dtd - I'll probably find it useful, hope you do too.

Fourth year lecture - inspired poetry - Trust me, this stuff is inspired(!)

Reasoning About Programs

Smartie 'Game'

Polish Flag

Belgium Flag

QuickSort / Binary Chop