Fourth year inspired poetry

So occassionally, lectureres drop into either slide reading or explaining the common sense. To help maintain alertness and concentration, I've started taking random pertinent words that they say and mix them up into some form of poetry. More may be added, or I may grow up...

Extra marks for working out which lectures each was done in ;)

State Machine

I am a plate in a canteen
I am a gate that is there to be seen
I am a fete with balloons supreme
I do not hate, as that is obscene

I can move, from here to there
My hair is sometimes dark, and sometimes fair
Do you hear what I say, or do you not care?
All I want is for us to share.

Convention is what ties me down
It makes me sad, makes me frown
Not even a smile, painted on a clown
Can help to stop my sorrows drown.

Nil is something that isn't around
Not up in the air or on the ground
From looking for it with a blood-hound,
You will find that it can't be found.

What is your form, definition or type?
What makes you-you? And please don't hype
Yourself up and don't start a fight
Tell me who you are, and thus shed some light.

I want to do this, that or the other
Talk to you over channels under cover
I don't want them to know that you are my lover
Cos once they find out, you know they'll hover.

Hold On

I am an object, can't you see?
Go on, invoke some methods on me.
But don't forget me or I will become free
And be lost forever - this is key

To garbage collection - getting rid of junk
Unsaved objects, like that one punk!
Not doing this would use up a big chunk
of memory, and then your pc would clunk

Along slowly and not be much use.
This is also a reason for code reuse
as using lots of space would not amuse
especially when most of it is refuse.


Its common sense!
Its obvious!
It is as clear as day!

Why explain to us?
It's pointless!
We get it anyway!