Vrizlynn Thing

        Department of Computing
        Imperial College London
        Huxley Building Room 502,
        South Kensington Campus,
        180 Queen's Gate,
        London SW7 2AZ, UK.
        Tel: +44 020 7594 8382
        Email: vrizlynn.thing {at} imperial.ac.uk

        Dr Vrizlynn Thing was a Ph.D. student at Imperial College London,

        receiving the UK Overseas Research Students Scholarship (ORSAS) and the

        Imperial College London's Department of Computing Scholarship.

        Her PhD research topic was Adaptive Network Security, and her supevisors

        were Prof. Morris Sloman and Dr. Naranker Dulay.

Her other research interests include Optical Fiber Communications,

        Mobile IP (IPv4, IPv6,& Localized Mobility Management) and Network Security

        (Resilient Networks, Denial-of-Service (DoS), Distributed DoS attacks,
        and IP Traceback).

        She has completed her Ph.D. studies and
her new webpage
        is at

(Last updated: 23rd April 2009)

        Lectures - "Distributed Systems" course 335 and "Computer Networks and Distributed Systems" course V313

Lectures - "Securing Availability" for Year 3 Computing 


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