CS Related Work History

This is a list of my work history relevant to research and development in computer science.

Qatar University
Research Intern | Summer 2012 | Doha, Qatar
As third party clouds become more prevalant and powerful there is a definite advantage to using them over developing in house systems. However, some data cannot be stored or processed on third party systems without some way of obscuring the data. This project, run by Professors Chris Clifton (Purdue University) and Qutaibah Malluhi (Qatar University) creates buckets instead of traditional one-to-one relationships. Some secret knowledge, which is not passed to the third party system, is necessary to match items on one side of the relation to the other, but the bucket system allows some processing and filtering to be done without that knowledge. This was an excellent opportunity for me to explore a different aspect of CS research as well as to explore a different culture for a few months.

Techstop Online Intern | Summer 2010 | New York City, NY Google is undoubtably one of, if not the, world leaders in data management and processing, as well as software in general. There are a lot of smart people working on a lot of neat projects. Of course, in order for things to run smoothly and optimize progress the employees need a support network full of robust and efficient tools. This was an opportunity to make what felt like a behind-the-scenes impact while experiencing one of the best work cultures that exists.

Professional Services Intern | Summers 2007-2009 | Dayton, OH Gasper Developer Intern | Summer 2006 | Dayton, OH NCR may not have quite the brand recognition it enjoyed in it's heyday, but it is still a Fortune 500 company. Look closely and you will see the logo on many a cash register, self checkout machine, and ATM. Even ATMs manufactured by other companies often run NCR software because of the quality of the product. A large part of this is the robust testing strategy, where I spent a few internships. Another part is the continual implementation of new products designed to fill needs that haven't yet been addressed, including the Gasper monitoring software. As NCR isn't focussed as primarily on software as some of the other places I have been this was an interesting way for me to view how software can be used as a product in a broader environment.

Purdue University
EPICS Teaching Assistant | Academic Years 2008-2013 | West Lafayette, IN The elevator pitch for EPICS is easy. Non-profits in the community need work done they can't afford to pay professionals to do, and students need work experience without leaving school or competing against people with years of experience. So the program puts them together. Of course, it isn't quite that simple. Students are rarely prepared for being tossed into this situation, and as a TA I had the responsibility of guiding them through the process while still giving them the leeway necessary to learn and grow on their own. I also helped pioneer a new process for software projects. It was a rewarding experience to inspire a passion to make a difference.

Ohio State University
CS Undergraduate Teaching Assistant | Academic Years 2006-2008 | Columbus, OH Ohio State has an excellent introductory software engineering series of classes, even if it is hard to appreciate until after the series is complete. The classes really lay the foundation for the rigor and logic that make success easier both later in the degree and in other environments. For a few years I was one of the cogs in the machine that developed students' skills.