The care of patients with cancer is complex and demanding, and becoming more so every year. There has long been an interest in applying computational approaches to clinical problems related to cancer care, but the two fields remain widely separated. This meeting brings together the fields of clinical cancer treatment and computational approaches to understanding clinical cancer care. With speakers around the country from both clinical and computational areas, it offer a unique opportunity for multi-disciplinary discussions and talks across a wide range of areas related to cancer.

The workshop is organised jointly by Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. The workshop is being held in the Department of Computing, at 58 Prince's Gate. See here for directions.


Time and Date

11am - 5pm, 10th Feburary, 2015


The workshop is open to clinicians, researchers and Ph.D. students in related fields. There is no fee for participation, but there are limited places available.

If you wish to attend without presenting, please register via this link.


The workshop is being sponsored by the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, the EPSRC project TRaDAr (Transparent Rational Decisions by Argumentation) and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME's) Network of Excellence in Cancer Engineering.