Mon Aug 21 18:52: CS and JMC Students have now been "advanced" to the next year: mailing lists will update shortly

Duncan C White

We have now "advanced" or "rolled over" all CS and JMC students to the next year in the CSG users table, to reflect the "2017-18 academic year view". In an hour or two, the mailing list memberships will reflect this. In particular, for the next few weeks, there are no first year students (until we create the incoming 2017-18 students' accounts in the last 10 days of September. Another consequence is that the various "final year" lists are NOT THE STUDENTS WHO HAVE JUST GRADUATED. Do not "email the final years" in the next month thinking "that's the students who have just graduated". If you needed to contact all such students in the next month, we could provide the list of specific graduates whose accounts we intend to archive in mid September - email if you need this info.

Tue Aug 15 11:31: Teaching lab upgrades Part 2 Room 219

Geoff Bruce

The rays (01-40) will start to be replaced by newer machines starting this week . As a consequence some machines in this area will be unavailable whilst the old machines are replaced by the new edge's .Apologies for the inconvenience. The ray machines will be replaced by new tower machines HP EliteDesk 800 G2 with i7-6700 processors 16Gb RAM and 500Gb ssd drives.The new machines will be edge01-edge40

Tue Aug 15 11:26: Teaching lab upgrades Part 1 Room 206

Geoff Bruce

All Line desktops from 206 have now been replaced by the new set of Sprite machines . So line01-line38 has been replaced by sprite01-sprite38.The sprites are HP Elite Desk 800 G2 with i7-6700 processors 16Gb RAM and 500Gb ssd drives.