DoC Private Cloud: Investigations into possible services and possible software


We believe that something like the following services will be needed to provide the DoC iaas private cloud:

Note that the scalable NFS/CIFS fileservers could be considered part of the cloud storage system - if for example a single storage system provided (say) distributed or high-performance POSIX fileshares AND VM image storage - or could be considered entirely separate from the cloud storage - which then only needs to provide VM image storage.

In relation to scalable storage options, we've already been thinking about these for a while; see also: Storage-NG.

Candidate software to investigate

Possible open source software which may solve all or part of the private iaas cloud problem includes:

Whole System

Scalable Storage

At present, the options for scalable high-performance general purpose NFS filers suitable for storing home dirs, research volumes etc are either expensive or not yet mature. The above POSIX filestores may well be suitable for the "inner problem" of VM storage.

Upgrading existing NFS fileservers to 10Gb is definitely also worth trying (first).

Virtualization software

The virtual-machine management layer will need to support accounting for resource utilization by the VMs spawned for a given user or group, live migration of VMs from one host to another, and will likely need to support automated backups / snapshots of at least SOME historical virtual-machine disk state. (Note that this differs from existing doctrine, which specifies that the machine-local OS data is expendable, and can be regenerated.)

The use of seed images, data de-duplication, and/or copy-on-write would also be valuable for minimising storage requirements.

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