Private Cloud Working Group: 3rd April 2012 meeting

A working group of academics has been set up, this met on 3rd April 2012 for the first time. Things discussed:

Quick round up of other comments at end, useful services to check?

PJM's summary of meeting

I think that three basic conclusions should be drawn from yesterday's discussion regarding the specification of hardware:

  1. Our concept of buying compute nodes with large numbers of cores and large memory, with disc storage for virtual machines images, and with 10G network will support the main objective of providing a DoC Cloud that provides virtual computers to the DoC students and staff for teaching and research purposes. We need to refine exactly which machines and configuration will be purchased.
  2. We should look at input from research groups as to what is the cost of GPU, FGPA, and hardware monitoring, and see if this can be incorporated at this stage.
  3. We do need to look at fast network storage options.

Next meeting

Next Working Group meeting: 25th April 1pm, level 4 common room

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