DoC Private Cloud: Staff Working Group Open Meeting: 25th April 2012

A wider group of DoC staff met up in room 418 on the 25th April 2012, to further discuss the proposed DoC private cloud. These comprise some notes made by LDK and DCW.


SUSAN introduced the meeting, PJM chaired it.

Others present:

Steve Muggleton (SHM), Emil Lupu (ECL1), Peter Pietzuch (PRP), Iain Phillips (ICCP), Alex Wolf (ALW), Abbas Edalat (AE), Crisitian Cadar (CRISTIC), Tristan Allwood (TORA), Alistair Donaldson (AFD), Nobuko Yoshida (YOSHIDA), John Darlington (JD), Tony Field (AJF), Sophia Drossopolou (SCD), Jeremy Cohen (JHC02), Brian Fuchs (BFUCHS), Jeff Kramer (JK), Paul Kelly (PHJK), Philippa Gardner (PG), Petr Hosek (PH1310), Berc Rustem (BR), Natasa Przulj (NATASA), Francesca Toni (FT), Daniel Rueckert (DR), Julie McCann (JAMM), Anne O'Neill (AON), Duncan White (DCW), Giuseppe Mazza (GMAZZA), Lloyd Kamara (LDK).

PJM recapped the concept: DoC private 'Infrastructure as a service' cloud.


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