CSG's standard model for reliable data storage is straightforward:

CSG maintains regular backups of network volumes, both daily to on-line (disk-based) storage, and weekly to off-line (tape) storage.

What we do back up

The only filesystems we back up are the following:

Things which are not backed-up

Please read the following new document to avoid losing your vital data: Guide to Ensuring your Vital Data is backed up

On-line backups

On-line backups are taken nightly to two servers, one in the Huxley Datacentre and the other in the Mechanical Engineering Datacentre. These backups are available as two read-only filesystems (/vol/recover1 and /vol/recover2), allowing you to restore from backup without needing CSG's assistance. To make life easier just use /vol/recover - we just choose one of the two at our discretion: 1 path to remember, but two copies of backup.

See also: Instructions for retrieving files from backups

Off-line backups

CSG run a weekly tape backup of all home directories and other shared network storage as agreed with their owners. If you require data to be restored from tape, please contact CSG with information on the files you would like to have restored and an approximate date you would like to recover from. CSG routinely keeps tapes for 6 months. Please also bear in mind that restoring from tape requires manual intervention, and so may take a day or so to perform.

Checking when your data was last backed up

We can now offer you the ability to see when each networked volume (home directory or shared volume) was last successfully backed up, on:

Click this secure link to see your last backup information

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