DocRoam: Network Access with Laptops, PDAs etc in DoC

Please note: the DocRoam service is deprecated and will no longer be available after July 2013. Please use the corresponding ICT service instead.

The Department provides wired network access for untrusted laptops in some labs and in offices (ask us to activate particular ports), and wireless network access via a number of 802.11b standard base stations located at strategic points in the Huxley building. Both wired and wireless networks are intended to be accessed by members of the Department of Computing, Imperial College and their official visitors. To ensure this and to minimise problems for other departments also providing wireless networking, please follow these instructions carefully.

Imperial College users: registering your laptop/PDA/other computer for network access

This is very easy. Just follow the procedure below:


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After Authentication by password

That's it! Your computer will be able to access the network within 30 seconds or so.

Your registration is valid on that computer (it is actually associated with the network card) for 6 months. When the registration expires, you simply re-register the computer following the steps above. You may register any number of different computers or PDAs using your account.

Contact CSG if your portable device is not capable of registering via the web. We can set it up as a dumb device.

Setting up Conference Tokens: hosting a conference with delegates needing to use the network

Because most conference delegates or visitors probably do not have Imperial user accounts, you need to follow an entirely different procedure to allow them to register their wireless devices:

Registering the event in advance

This may be done by any member of DoC staff any time before the event is due to start. We recommend that you register the event several days in advance, and set the starting date to allow you to test it yourself beforehand.

Registering a DoCRoam Token

During the event - getting your delegates to register their laptop/PDA etc


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Using a DoCRoam Token stage 1

Using a DoCRoam Token stage 3

All your delegates will use the same token and may register as many computers or PDAs as they need. Their computers will be granted full access to the DoC network for the duration of the event.

Technical details on setting up a portable client

The only technical rules are:

Our DHCP server will automatically provide your PDA/laptop with an IP address in the 146.169.{24,25}.xxx range (wireless) or 146.169.{8,9}.xxx (wired) and all other necessary information such as gateway and DNS addresses.

Further Assistance or Questions

If in doubt, please mail help@doc or visit the CSG Helpdesk for further advice. If you are arranging an event, we would encourage you to talk to us so that we can assist in making sure things go smoothly for you.

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