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Department of  Computing

2009/10 Board of Examiners For MSc Computing Science (Standard & Specialist Pathways)


Dr N Bezhanishvili
Dr J Bradley
Dr K Broda
Dr C Cadar
Dr C Calcagno
Dr S Colton
Mrs M R Cunningham
Mr P S Cutler
Prof J Darlington
Dr A Davison
Dr N Dingle
Prof S Drossopoulou
Dr N Dulay
Dr A Edalat
Dr P Edwards
Prof S Eisenbach
Dr A Faisal
Dr A J Field
Prof P Gardner
Dr M Ghanem
Dr D F Gillies
Prof Y Guo
Dr A Gopalan
Prof C L Hankin

Dr U Harder
Prof P G Harrison
Prof I M Hodkinson
Dr M Huth
Mr J Jacobson
Prof P H J Kelly
Dr W Knottenbelt
Prof J Kramer
Dr C Kupke
Dr D Kuhn
Prof K Leung
Dr Alessio Lomuscio
Prof W Luk
Dr E C Lupu
Prof J N Magee
Dr P J McBrien
Dr J McCann
Dr O Mencer
Mr I W Moor
Prof S H Muggleton
Dr M Pantic
Dr D Pattinson
Dr P Pietzuch

Dr I C C Phillips
Prof D Rueckert
Prof B Rustem
Dr A Russo
Dr F Sadri
Professor M J Sergot
Prof M Shanahan
Prof M S Sloman
Mr I D Stewart
Dr D Thornley
Dr F Toni
Dr S Uchitel
Dr S Van Bakel
Dr Maria Vigliotti
Dr H Wiklicky
Prof Alexander Wolf
Prof G-Z Yang
Dr N Yoshida
Miss S Zappacosta




(Years served: 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007)

Professor Anthony Cohn
School of Computing
University of Leeds

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