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Department of  Computing

Mandatory Courses for DoC Staff

Month One Safety Training (MOST)

Month One Safety Training (referred to as MOST). This is mandatory for all new staff working for the College for longer than a month.   Within three days of receiving their College log on, staff will receive an automated email to say that they have been enrolled on the course.  This online course, should take about 90 minutes to complete, with a test to follow.  The course and test will be delivered through the College Oracle Learning Management system (OLM) which can be accessed with their usual College single sign on. 

MOST gives an overview of the College management systems for the common and the more unusual hazards. At the end of the course, learners will know exactly where to get further training, help and guidance should they encounter these hazards accidentally or during the course of their work. 

Risk Assessment Foundation Training (RAFT)

Risk Assessment Foundation Training (referred to as RAFT), is intended for line managers (or their delegates), in charge of personnel, areas and equipment. RAFT is more complex than MOST and should be undertaken over three or four 30 minute sessions, followed by a test. Both course and test are online and delivered via OLM though, depending on demand, it may be given in workshop format.

RAFT has been developed to help ensure that staff and their delegates: 
1. understand that conducting risk assessments is their legal and contractual responsibility; and,  
2. are trained to do this in a simple but effective manner, using College forms and real life scenarios 

RAFT provides a core competency skill in meeting a legal requirement, and your support in identifying those who should receive this training is essential.


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