Programme Title:  MSc in Computing Science Programme Code: G5U6
Year of Course Course Element Explanation of Element Components   Total Hours Spent on Element ECTS Allocation
1 Program Design and Logic (Paper M1) Complete a core Programming in C and C++ course and a core course in Logic and AI Programming. Examined by a two 2 hr written paper. (Pass = Average 50% no less than 40% on any paper) Programming in C and C++ course consists of an intensive course consisting of 12 hours of lectures and 8 hours of tutorials and 70 hours of private study. Logic and AI Programming consists of 27 hours of lectures and 10 hours of tutorials and 130 hours of private study. 500 18 28
Computer Systems (Paper M2) Complete a core Computer Systems course. Examined by a 2 hr written paper. (Pass = Average 50% no less than 40% on any paper) Computer Systems course consists of 36 hours of lectures, 18 hours of tutorials and approx 189 hours of private study.
1 Modules 1 to 5 Complete five 2 hr written papers on chosen courses (Pass = Average 50% no less than 40% on any paper)  Each course consists of 18 hours of lectures 9 hours of tutorials and approximately  30 hours of revision and 75 hours of private study (total 660 hrs). 785 30 26
Coursework: Weekly tutorial exercises. Continuously assessed (Pass = Average 50% and no less than 40% on any component)   Weekly tutorial exercises including practical lab work. Continuously assessed representing about 15 hours work per Module (75 hrs total)
Laboratory: These lab exercises are refered to as CBCs (Computer-Based Coursework) and the marks obtained in these exercises are treated as coursework marks.  Students are expected to complete assessed CBC exercise(s) attached to the courses they study. This involves  approx some 50 hrs of supervised and non supervised work.
1 Integrated Laboratory Work Pass two practical lab examinations on two of the programming languages  The Integrated Lab consists of 10 hours of lectures, 60 hours of tutorials and 110 hours of labs. 180 6 30
1 Individual Project Background paper, individual project, dissertation and presentation. Assessed by supervisor and 2nd marker, moderated by panel. Pass = 50%+  Merit = 60%+  Distinction = 70%+  The background paper  is a literature survey for the individual project. The purpose of the background paper is to give students a running start on their projects by ensuring that they have read and understood technical material which provides essential background reading.   This should represent about 60 hours of private study. The individual project, dissertation and presentation consists of approx  980 hours of study. 980 36 27
Total       2445 90