Programme Title:  Computing MEng  Programme Codes: G401, G402, G500, G600 & G700
Year of Course Course Element Explanation of element components Breakdown of Hours on Element Total Hours spent on Element ECTS Allocation
  Core Elements        
3 Software Engineering Methods with Group Project Software Engineering Methods coursework. Group project and presentation. Contributes 440 Marks. Consists of Software Engineering Methods course and a Group Project. Course consists of 24 hours of lectures 9 hours of tutorials  and 66 hours of private study. Project consists of  3 hours of presentation practice and 226 hours of private study 328 12
3 Management and Business for Computing Engineers Paper C350  2hr Written Paper (Pass = 40%+ ) Contributing 180 Marks Consists of 18 hours of lectures and 83  hours of private study 101 4
3 Industrial Placement & Preparation Industrial placement - including supervisors assessment report, lecturers visit report, industrial placement log book, student report and presentation. Contributes 100 Marks  Preparation for placement including careers and preparation lectures, personal tutorials,  guidance lectures and tutorials on writing their CV and letter of application, interviews,  attending  presentation and report writing lectures plus 6 months on work placement  Approximately 1250 hours  1250 50
  Optional Elements (*Students are required to choose six courses from a choice of approximately 15)        
3 Papers 1 to 6* Complete six 1hr Written Test Papers (Pass = 40%+ ) Contributing 150 Marks each and coursework contributing 30 Marks each Each course consists of 18 hours of lectures 9 hours of tutorials 83 hours of private study 660 24
Totals   Total Marks 1700   2339 90
# Students may study one optional course offered by  the  Business School, the Humanities Department or the RCA  in lieu up to two *Computing courses above.  These courses have been assigned 6 ECTS points each.