Programme Title:  Computing MEng  Programme Title:  Computing MEng  Programme Codes: G401, G402, G500, G600 & G700
Year of Course Course Element Explanation of Element Components Breakdown of Hours on Element Total Hours Spent on Element ECTS Allocation
  Core Elements        
4 Industrial Presentation and Report Industrial Placement Log Book, Report and Presentation. Contributes 100 Marks Consists of compiling a Log Book writing a report and giving a presentation. Apporox 50 hours of work. 50 2
4 Individual Project Individual Project and Presentation. Contributing 1140 Marks Consists of 3 hours of lectures,  20 hours of personal tutorials, a 1 hour presentation  and 580 hours of guided independent study. 604 22
  Optional Elements (*Students are required to choose eight courses from a choice of approximately  20)        
4 Papers 1 to 8* Complete eight 2hr Written Papers (Pass = 40%+ ) Contributing 240 Marks each and coursework contributing 30 Marks each Each course consists of 18 hours of lectures 9 hours of tutorials 93 hours of private study 960 36
Total   Total Marks 3400   1614 60
# Students may study up to two optional courses offered by  the  Business School or the Humanities Department in lieu up to two  *Computing courses above.  These courses have been assigned 6 ECTS points each.