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Department of  Computing


The Senior Tutor has overall responsibility for the academic and pastoral care of undergraduate students in the department. In the School of Medicine the pastoral care of undergraduate students is the responsibility of the Head of Pastoral Care.

In order to fulfil this function the Senior Tutor would normally be expected to carry out the following range of activities.

Academic care

* Ensure that each undergraduate student is allocated a personal tutor and that the personal tutorial system works effectively, eg that personal tutors meet regularly with their tutees.

* Liaise with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to ensure that the pastoral and academic roles of personal tutors fully support the degree programmes.

* Liaise with personal tutors to monitor the academic progress of students and take action where necessary whey there is cause for Concern.

* Liaise with personal tutors to monitor student attendance.

* Liaise with the College Disabilities Officer and the Registry to ensure that students with special educational needs are advised and assisted appropriately.

* Liaise with Registry to implement the withdrawal procedure where there is no improvement over an extended period.

Pastoral care.

*Advise on individual student problems as referred by personal tutors or directly to students as an alternative to the personal tutor.

* Refer students to other sources of help in the College as appropriate and liaise with these other agencies.

* Inform Boards of Examiners of extenuating circumstances affecting in students performance.

* Advise students who fail examinations and are required to withdraw from the College

* Advise students wishing to withdraw from the College or transfer from another department.


* Maintain accurate and comprehensive student records for the Department, liaising with Registry as appropriate.

* Provide regular reports on students as required to LEAS and other funding bodies.

* Provide references for students, liaising with personal tutors as necessary.

* Serve as member of Staff-student Committee.

* Serve as member of other departmental/Faculty/College committees concerned with student learning and welfare as appropriate.

* Serve as member of College Disciplinary Committees or Appeals
Withdrawal Panels.

Additionally Senior Tutors May be required to:

* Administer nominations for prizes and scholarships.

* Take responsibility for departmental academic procedures, such as the granting of extensions for submission of coursework.

* Take responsibility for dealing with examination irregularities, including plagiarism.

* Deal with disciplinary cases, liaising with College Tutors, Registry and other sections of College as necessary .


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