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Department of  Computing

Job Description For The Third Year Group Project Co-ordinator

1. Liaise with the Third Year Coordinator regarding the schedule.

2. Collect proposals for group projects from academic members of staff, and ensure that there is a sufficient number of proposals. (Normally over 30 proposals are required).

3. Publicise the proposals and the schedule to the students, both by email and on the first Wednesday of term.

3. Allocate students to group projects based on their preferences and any other appropriate factors, (This must be done and released by the first Friday of term).

4. Liaise with the person(s) responsible for giving the software engineering lectures associated with the group projects.

5. Organise the submission of all group project reports and delivery to supervisors.

6. Issue reminders and clarifications from time to time when the become necessary and helpful.

7. Organise a schedule for the group project presentations.

8. Organise and take responsibility for the moderation of all the group project marks and the selection of the best group project for the prize.

9. Produce and record the final moderation group project marks.

10. Collect all reports and clear, sufficiently detailed marking and moderation documentation, to be presented to the External Examiners.



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