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Department of  Computing

Job Description For The Undergraduate Individual Project Co-ordinator

1. Collect proposals for projects from academic members of staff.

2. Give an introductory lecture to final year students  to give students an idea of how the projects will be organised and how they should go about choosing and doing a project.

3. In consultation with the JMC coordinator and EEE, allocate students to projects based on their preferences, the preferences of the supervisors and academic workload.

4. Allocate assessment teams and ensure that supervisors have allocated a second markers for their students.

5. Liaise with the third- and fourth-year coordinators regarding MEng4 outsourcing and BEng/BSc progress reports

6. Work with the Senior Tutor and project supervisors to help students who are behind at the time of the review.

7. Give lectures on how to produce a thesis and how to give a presentation.

8. Organise a presentation schedule for the assessment teams and assign team chairs.

9. Organise a final moderation meeting.

10.   Allocate a prize committee and administer the Prize Finalists Day.


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