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Department of  Computing



To take care of the day to day running of an academic year for JMC students by:


•  Maintain a noticeboard for JMC students

•  Liaise with the timetable co-ordinator to resolve JMC timetabling problems in July and December. This will possibly require some further attention during the first few weeks of each teaching term to deal with specific students requests.

•  Prepare and give welcome talk at beginning of autumn term.

•  Supervise the election of student representatives.

•  Attend meeting with first year students, organised by the senior tutors in the first half of the first tem, to answer specific questions about the course.

•  Organise in the Autumn Term distribution of information to the students about the optional courses that start in the spring term.

•  Liaise with the Undergraduate Individual Project Coordinator during all stages of the individual project administration and assessment.

•  Liaise with the Maths department to monitor complete allocation of individual projects across the two departments.

•  Keep in regular contact with the students and the student representatives to resolve problems as they arise.

•  Attend “Academic Committee” meetings to discuss any problems.

•  Organise and attend “Staff-Student Committee” meetings to discuss any problems.

•  Deal with any day-to-day problems or queries that may arise.

•  Liaise with the Senior Tutors about JMC students with difficulties.

•  Lead cross moderation team between Maths and Computing departments for JMC Individual Projects.

•  Write recommendation letters and certificates of attendance for students.

•  Arrange and Chair subgroups of the Academic Committee and Joint Maths and Computing Committees.

•  To review and update the JMC course, and maintain electronic versions of the JMC course documentation and students' guidebooks.

•  Deal with any administrative matters that arise from Registry, for example evaluation of the course, general discussions about the nature of joint courses, etc.

•  To be available to advise the students on their choice of optional courses and individual projects as required.

•  Attend College Science Committee Meetings

•  Participate in the JMC admission process, including giving the talk about the course structure.

•  Liaise with Maths about social events for JMC students.






Main campus address:
Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ, tel: +44 (0)20 7589 5111
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