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Department of  Computing

Job Description For The Co-ordinator For MSc Computing Science

1. Liase with the timetable co-ordinator to resolve MSc timetabling problems in August/September

2. Liase with the MSc lab coordinator for preparation for the new year and lab and submission schedules

3. Prepare and give welcome talk at beginning of autumn term

4. Supervise the election of student representatives

5. Maintain the MSc course information on the web

6. Keep in regular contact with the students and the student representative to resolve problems as they arise

7. Attend academic committee meetings to discuss any problems

8. Attend staff-student committee meetings

9. Deal with any day-to-day problems or queries that may arise

10. Liase with the MSc group project coordinator during all stages of the group project administration and assessment

11. Liase with the MSc individual project coordinator during all stages of the individual project administration and assessment

12. Organise the moderation of the individual projects

13. Organise in the autumn term distribution of information to the students about the optional courses that start in the spring term

14. Liase with the MSc lab coordinator regarding the schedule and administration of the January lab tests

15. Prepare continuous assessment, exam and dissertation marks for the Examiners meetings

16. Meet with the External Examiner

17. Chair Examiners meetings

18. Prepare and print course transcripts for all MSc students

19. Organize distribution and collection of student course and lecturer evaluation questionnaires

20. Write recommendation letters and certificates of attendance for students

21. Liase with Registry regarding any matters of withdrawal or deferral

22. Assist in course planning and updating

23. Deal with any administrative matters that arise from Registry, for example evaluation of the course, general discussions about the nature of conversion courses, etc

24. Advise the students on their choice of optional courses, as required

25. Advise the students on their choice of individual projects, as required


Main campus address:
Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ, tel: +44 (0)20 7589 5111
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