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Department of  Computing

Job Description For The MSc Individual Projects Co-ordinator

1. Liaise with MAC and MSc Computing Science Course Director(s) regarding the schedule.

2. Maintain a web site with information about the schedule, procedure, assessment, and all other necessary or helpful information regarding individual projects and background papers.

3. Collect proposals for projects from academic members of staff, and, if necessary, outside organisations.

4. Publicise the project proposals to students.

5. (Possibly together with the MSc/MAC Course Director(s)) give an intoductory presentation to the MSc students about what is involved in the projects and background papers, the marking, the process of selection, any constraints on outside supervision, etc.

6. Obtain project preferences from students.

7. Allocate students to projects based on their preferences, the preferences of the supervisors, general academic workload, and any constraints regarding external advisors and external projects.

8. Publicise the start of the background papers period and its deadline.

9. Organise submission of background papers, their distribution to the supervisors, required marking scheme, and collection of the marks and the supervisor assessment reports.

10. Organise submission of individual projects progress reports, and collect feedback from superviors.

11. Inform the MAC/MSc Computer Science Course Director(s) about any students who do not seem to be making adequate progress, and issue appropriate warnings and advice to the students.

12. Ask for 2nd marker allocations to the projects and ensure all projects have an allocated 2nd marker.

13. Organise the binding, electronic and hard copy submission of individual project reports, and their distribution to the supervisors and 2nd markers.

14. Collect all the marks, and ensure all the project reports and background papers are returned by the superviors and 2nd markers so they can distributed for moderation.

15. Organise the moderation of the projects for final marks and identification of distinguisehd projects.

16. Ensure all the project reports and background papers are available for the Examiners Meetings.





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