Information for Comp 1 PPTs

This page should provide some background information and links to other useful pages.

Background Information provided for PPTs

These documents should provide a brief description of the PPT system, some notes on marking the lab exercises and FAQ about the changes to the PPT system this year.
  • General Lab Organisation (also as ps, dvi or tex)
  • Marking Lab Submissions (also as ps, dvi or tex)
  • FAQ on changes to the PPT System

  • Table of PPT/UTA Helpers

    Background Information provided for Comp 1 students

    These are the notes provided for the Comp 1 students in their "Lab Info Pack" about how the first year lab is organised along with some notes on Design, Style and Readability.
  • Introduction to Lab Organisation (also as ps, dvi or tex)
  • Correctness, Testing, Readability and Design (also as ps, dvi or tex)

  • Pages For UTA Helpers

    We have produced a home page for the UTAs

    This page contains some background information for UTAs and FAQs on the UTA role, PPT meetings , marking lab exercises, surgery sessions and lab demonstration. `

    Other useful links

  • Comp 1 Notice Board which contains information on online tests.
  • Tutorial Support Page Used for signing off payment for your UTA.
  • CATE Used for submitting and viewing student attendance and marks. Also contains the lab timetable and lab specs.

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