M.Sc Advanced Computing - Year 5

List of Modules - Academic Year 2021-2022



All these modules are required. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
70039 MAC Individual Project    


Choose between 7 and 9 modules from this set. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
70004 Advanced Computer Security
70005 Complexity
70006 Computational Finance
70008 Concurrent Processes
70015 Mathematics for Machine Learning
70018 Privacy Engineering
70020 Program Analysis
70022 Scalable Systems and Data
70023 Scalable Software Verification
70028 Reinforcement Learning
70043 Prolog
70050 Introduction to Machine Learning
70068 Scheduling and Resource Allocation
70001 Advanced Computer Graphics  
70007 Computational Optimisation  
70009 Cryptography Engineering  
70010 Deep Learning  
70016 Natural Language Processing  
70017 Principles of Distributed Ledgers  
70019 Probabilistic Inference  
70024 Software Reliability  
70025 Software Engineering for Industry  
70030 Knowledge Representation  
70031 Modal Logic for Strategic Reasoning in AI  
70034 Independent Study Option  
70066 Decentralised Finance  
70067 Robot Learning and Control  


Choose at most 2 modules from this set. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
60001 Advanced Computer Architecture
60023 Type Systems for Programming Languages
70058 Computer Vision
60002 Advanced Databases  
60005 Graphics  
60008 Custom Computing  
60009 Distributed Algorithms  
60013 Logic-Based Learning  
60015 Network and Web Security  
60017 System Performance Engineering  


These modules are not for credit. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
COMPM0577 MSc Orientation
COMPM0701 Programming Competition Training
COMPM0804 Student Support and Wellbeing


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