M.Sc Artificial Intelligence - Year 5

List of Modules - Academic Year 2019-2020



All these modules are required. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
553 Introduction to Machine Learning
556 Introduction to Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
558 Python Programming
545 MSc Software Engineering Practice and Group Project
557 Ethics, Privacy, AI in Society  
544 MSc AI Individual Project    


Choose between 4 and 5 modules from this set. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
333 Robotics
424 Reinforcement Learning
474 Machine Arguing
491 Knowledge Representation
496 Mathematics for Machine Learning
531 Prolog
303 Systems Verification  
304 Logic-Based Learning  
315 Computer Vision  
416 Machine Learning for Imaging  
433 Advanced Robotics  
460 Deep Learning  
468 Probabilistic Programming  
477 Computational Optimisation  
490 Natural Language Processing  
493 Probabilistic Inference  
499 Modal Logic for Strategic Reasoning in AI  


Choose at most 1 module from this set. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
410 Scalable Systems and Data
422 Computational Finance
438 Complexity
447 Advanced Computer Security
484 Quantum Computing
572 Advanced Databases
331 Network and Web Security  
339 Performance Engineering  
467 Principles of Distributed Ledgers  


These modules are not for credit. Module runs in term(s)
Autumn Spring Summer
559 Applications of AI Seminars
576 MSc Introduction to Prolog  


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