Research Interests

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Self-attachment: a new integrative and holistic psychotherapy
Self-attachment protocol to overcome chronic depression and anxiety


Mathematical modelling in Cognitive and Behavioural Prototypes, Attachment Theory and Psychotherapy
Modelling attachment types and behavioral proto-types in artificial neural networks
Modelling psychotherapy in artificial neural networks
Self-Attachment: A New and Integrative Psychotherapy
Long term impact of the Mongol invasions in Iran


Exact Computation
Domain-theoretic Model for Differential Calculus
Domain-theoretic Model for Computational Geometry and Solid Modelling
Domain-theoretic Models for Real Numbers and Number Systems


Computational Dynamical Systems
Iterated Function Systems
One Dimensional Dynamics
Fractal Geometry and Dimension Theory


Computational Measure and Integration Theory
Domain-theoretic Models for Measures and the Riemann integral
Applications in Physics and Neural Nets


Topology and Constructive Mathematics
Information Systems
Domain-theoretic Models of Topological Spaces


Bisimulation in Probabilistic Processes on Continuous Spaces
Bisimulation for Markov Processes on Analytical Spaces
Logical Characterization of Bisimulation
Constructive Models of Continuous Processes