Imerial College London - Departament of Computing

Andreea Gabriela Kevorchian

I am a first year undergraduate student at Imperial College and as part of the Computing Topics course we had to build a website on a research topic. My team had the following members: Carmen Agimof, David Cattle, Mihai Barbu and Razvan Certezeanu and our topic was SLAM - Visual and Inertial. Stefan Leutenegger was our supervisor and we had nine weeks to reserch the topic and build the webpage.

In the first weeks we divided the work such that I started working on the different approaches of Visual and Inertial: Kalman Filter and Extended Kalman Filter. As the subtopic required a lot of research I worked with Carmen and David at this part, while Razvan and Mihai worked at the Optimisation and Applications subtopics. We tried to explain all the information we read about in such a way that it could be understood by everyone.

After finishing the research part of our project we started building the website and for this we used a template that we modified afterwords. We had to learn HTML, CSS and some Javascript that helped us while developing our page.