Systems Verification (303)

Lectures: Prof. Alessio Lomuscio, Dr Panagiotis Kouvaros
Tutorials: Mr Michael Akintunde, Ms Yi-Ling Liu, Prof Alessio Lomuscio, Mr Edoardo Pirovano.

Lecture Schedule

Course summary

The course is broadly divided into 5 parts: The topics will be covered in succession and will be accompanied by tutorial classes and labs as appropriate. There will be one assessed coursework around week 4.
The above is subject to slight changes.


Lecture slides and tutorials (with solutions) will be provided on doc.materials.
An excellent reference text book for most of the material of the course is M Huth, M Ryan, Logic in Computer Science. Particularly we will cover material in chapters 3, 4 and 6.
The book is also directly used in many examples in the lectures and exercises.

The slides and exercise notes used in class are copyrighted. They can be freely downloaded and used for revision for students attending the present course but cannot be used by third parties without the lecturer's permission.

Detailed course breakdown

(This year's module was considerably shortened)