Safe and Trustworthy AI Workshop 2022

The workshop has now passed.

Capabilities of AI systems have seen tremendous developments in the last few years. However, guaranteeing that these systems are safe and trustworthy is still an issue. This workshop aimed to make progress on this issue by bringing researchers together for a poster session. There were be prizes for the best posters in the form of monetary rewards. The workshop will took place 2 November 2022 in London. It was organised by PhD students from London universities and other early career researchers were especially encouraged to attend. The workshop was supported by the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Safe and Trusted AI; the prize was supported by the Longterm Future Fund.

The winners of the shared first prize were Jessica Cooper, Dane Sherburn, and Hana Kopecka (with Jose Such and Michael Luck). The winners of the shared second prize were Elfia Bezou Vrakatseli, Sammy Martin, James Fox, Anthony DiGiovanni (with Jesse Clifton), Madeleine Waller, Avinash Kori (with Ben Glocker and Francesca Toni), and Munib Mesinovic (with Tingting Zhu).