Nicholas Ng


I am a Post-doctoral RA in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, where I completed my PhD Computing degree (2010 - 2014) under the supervision of Professor Nobuko Yoshida and Professor Wayne Luk. The title of my thesis is Safe and Scalable Parallel Programming with Session Types.

My research centres around a typing system for the Pi-calculus (session types) and its practical applications as a programming abstraction and model, verification technique, and a means of understanding concurrency in high performance and parallel computing systems. I am a member of Mobility Reading Group. See my publications on DBLP or my main publications here.

I developed Session C, a programming framework for C language based on the theory of session types, to guarantee communication safety and free of communication deadlocks in message-passing based distributed parallel applications. I developed and maintain a parametric extension to the Scribble protocol description language, called Pabble, to describe high-level interaction protocols for scalable parallel applications. I developed dingo-hunter, a static deadlock detector for the Go programming language, based on global graph synthesis technique by Lange, Tuosto and Yoshida at POPL’15.

I received my MEng Computing degree from Imperial College London (2006 - 2010) with my award-winning final year individual project titled ‘High performance parallel design based on session programming‘.


I am a RA representative with Dr. Luigi Nardi and Dr. Daniele Ravi at the Department of Computing, see our Postdoc information page. I was previously a PhD student representative (2010—2013) in the same department (see here for current departmental contacts). Until 1st August 2013, I was Academic and Welfare Officer for Faculty of Engineering students in the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) (formerly Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)) of Imperial College Union (2012—2013). I was a founding member of the Imperial College London ACM Student Chapter committee (2013—2014), and also part of the steering committee of Imperial College Computing Student Workshop (ICCSW) (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011). For more details about the Imperial College London ACM Student Chapter, please visit their website.

Important Postdocs of the Department of Computing are invited to submit and present at the 2016 RA Symposium which will take place on Tuesday 14th June 2016. Contact me or click link above for more details.


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Room: Huxley 558B Department of Computing Imperial College London 180 Queen’s Gate London SW7 2AZ