Docker Image for Tutorial on Compiler Testing

ESEC/FSE 2023 Tutorial: An Introduction to Compiler Fuzzing: State of the Art and Open Challenges

Presenter: Cristian Cadar

In preparation for this tutorial, we have prepared a Docker image. While access to it is not strictly necessary to follow the tutorial, you might want to download it in order to experiment with various concepts and tools presented. If you decide to download it, please first note:

  1. The image is large (lots of compilers and tools in there!), at around 17GB.
  2. The image is for x86_64. Not everything will run on new Macs with Apple Silicon, and the tools that run will do so much more slowly. This being said, parts of the image will still be useful, but if possible, I recommend using it on an x86_64 machine to which you have ssh access.
To run the image:
  1. Download Docker, if you do not have it installed already.
  2. Download the image from DockerHub: docker pull ccadar/compiler-fuzzing-tutorial
  3. Run the image: docker run -ti ccadar/compiler-fuzzing-tutorial