Undergraduate Projects

For available individual and group projects, please refer to the projects portal.

Imperial College also offers UROP placements for undergraduate students. Check the website for the next application deadline. If interested, please contact me via email: dalal.alrajeh@ic.ac.uk.

Postgraduate Students

I am always eager to hear from prospective PhD students with an interest and strong background in formal software engineering, logic-based learning, and digital forensics. Email me at dalal.alrajeh@ic.ac.uk if you are interested.

Imperial College entry requirements can be found here. Details on how to apply are found here. Existing PhD funding schemes include: HiPEDS, Department of Computing Scholarships, PhD Studentships in Engineering and Imperial College PhD Scholarships. Please check your eligibility as some of these schemes are for students from the UK/EU only.

Lecture Courses

276 Prolog (Spring 2017/18, 2018/19)

Description of the course is here.

223 Concurrency (Autumn 2014/15)

Main course page is here. Lectures on Model-Based Design and Logical Properties (FLTL). Please go here for slides and programs.

520 Academic Writing for Computer Science (Spring 2014)

Reading list available here.

223 Concurrency (Autumn 2013/14)

Main course page here. Lectures on Safety and Liveness Properties and Logical Properties (FLTL). Please refer go here for slides and programs.

223 Concurrency (Autumn 2012/13)

Lectures on Deadlock and Safety and Liveness Properties.

223 Concurrency (Spring 2011/12)

Lectures on Monitors and Condition Synchronization, Deadlock and Safety and Liveness Properties.

525 Software Engineering (Spring 2011)

Three lectures on Class-based specifications and Object Z. Also course leader.

525 Software Engineering (Spring 2010).

Guest lecturer on Class-based specifications and Object Z.