C Programming Tools Lectures: May/June 2017


In late May - early June 2017, my colleague Evangelos Ververas and I gave four first year lectures on C Programming Tools, building a toolbox of useful tools, and the craft skills to use them effectively, in order to make C programming easier. This year I gave 3 of the 4 lectures, while Evangelos gave the second lecture. These 4 lectures were counted as part of the course CO120.3: Programming III.

July Update: I've just received the SOLE (Undergraduate Survey) feedback on this course, and I thought you might like to see one comment I received from one (anonymous) satisfied customer: The C tools lectures are excellent: extremely well organised, interesting and useful. We're very lucky in DoC to have people like Duncan, who is both extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

In the lectures, I strongly recommend The Pragmatic Programmer by Hunt & Thomas. The woodworking metaphor and many inspirational tips comes from there. A few years ago, I wrote a review of this book in my Professional Software Development webpages, please find it here.

This year's brief for the lectures is given by the following syllabus, as each lecture is ready, we'll add a link here to the lecture materials (slides and examples tarball):

Lecture 1: Thursday 25th May 2017, noon-1pm, room 308

Lecture 2: 1st June 2017, noon-1pm, room 308

My colleague Evangelos Ververas gave the second of these lectures, covering:

Lecture 3: 8th June 2017, noon-1pm, room 308

Lecture 4: 15th June 2017, noon-1pm, room 308

Updated: 15th June 2017 
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