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Dr Eoin Woods

Academic Visitor

Department of Computing


About Me

In Spring 2023, I am an academic visitor, teaching at Imperial one day per week. At Imperial, I am a member of the Software Engineering Practice group.

For the other four days per week I am the CTO at Endava. Endava is a software engineering company of about 12,000 people, delivering software for clients in North America, UK, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific, with software engineers in about 15 countries. My job is to make sure that we have the capability to deliver great results for our clients, which involves running our professional disciplines ("professions" or "job families" or "chapters"), encouraging innovation, and setting technical software engineering direction for the firm. I also get involved in technical work for some of our important clients.

In previous professional lives I have developed databases, created security software and designed way too many systems to move money around in complex ways, quickly and reliably. I am interested in a range of research and practice topics including software architecture, software security, DevOps and software energy efficiency.

I am a widely published author in both the research and industrial communities. I have co-authored three books on software architecture and I was the recipient of the 2018 Linda Northrup Award for software architecture.

More information about me can be found via an internet search or on my website (including how to pronounce my name if you were wondering about that).


During the Spring term of the 2022-2023 academic year I am teaching the Software Engineering for Industry Module (70025) wih Dr Robert Chatley. You can find more details about the course here.


You can contact me via: