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Alessandra Russo and Ian Hodkinson (with thanks to Krysia Broda, Robin Hirsch and Dirk Pattinson for additional material)
Autumn 2016

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Here are the slides from an earlier year; this year's will be made available on cate.
Exercises and solutions are also available on cate.

Solutions to exercise sheets will be available (on cate) to students a week after submission of solutions. 

Extra material etc:

Xmas test 2014: Logic questions | solutions
Xmas test 2009: Logic questions and solutions and markscheme
Xmas test 2005: Logic questions and solutions
Natural deduction advice
Summary of equivalences and natural deduction rules

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Pandora (natural deduction game) --- works fine on Mac Safari 5.1.10 with java enabled (Oct 2015)
New Pandora IV (natural deduction game) page with new version of Pandora and a free downloadable Java application.
Sample (old-)Pandora session

LOST (LOgic Semantics Tutor)   |  top

These Java applications, which probably don't work nowadays, will let you enter signatures, structures, and sentences, and evaluate them in the structures both directly and in other ways such as by Hintikka games (not nowadays lectured on, but you should get the hang of them from the software).   They are getting old, and error-free functionality is not guaranteed.  There are two versions:

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Suggested textbooks


In the US, Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy have pioneered new approaches to logic teaching, using software tools.  You may be interested in their work:

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The course is only an introduction to logic.  But we cover the tips of some bigger topics.  For those interested, here is some more information with links to Wikipedia etc.
If you would like to read more on some of these topics, try the notes for a past second-year course, or books (try the library), such as: