499H Modal logic (no longer taught)

This webpage is for the old 4th year/MSc half-course 499H Modal Logic, which has now been replaced by Modal Logic for Strategic Reasoning in AI.

Lecturer: Ian Hodkinson

Slides available here.


The two books by Goldblatt used to be available as free pdfs, but these seem to have disappeared.
See also the bibliography in the slides.

Some links

Survey paper on temporal logic: Temporal logic, by Yde Venema, in: L. Goble (editor), The Blackwell Guide to Philosophical Logic, Blackwell Publishers, Malden, USA, 2001, pp 203-223.

Erich Grädel's dialogue "Why are modal logics so robustly decidable?" (2001, .ps file) on robust decidability of modal logics, including fixed points and guarded fragments.

For model-checking, you might want to consult material of M. Vardi:
home page
Paper 'An automata-theoretic approach to linear temporal logic' (.ps file)

Dexter Kozen's powerpoint slides on Kleene algebras and PDL (used in 3 lectures at NZIMA Logic and Computation Workshop, Nelson, New Zealand, 2004):
lecture 1   lecture 2   lecture 3

Johan van Benthem's valedictory lecture, September 2014