499H Modal logic

4th year/MSc course
Lecturer: Ian Hodkinson

Course notes and exercises will be put on cate.
Slides available here.


See also the bibliography in the slides.

Some links

Survey paper on temporal logic: Temporal logic, by Yde Venema, in: L. Goble (editor), The Blackwell Guide to Philosophical Logic, Blackwell Publishers, Malden, USA, 2001, pp 203-223.

Erich Grädel's dialogue "Why are modal logics so robustly decidable?" (2001, .ps file) on robust decidability of modal logics, including fixed points and guarded fragments.

For model-checking, you might want to consult material of M. Vardi:
home page
Paper 'An automata-theoretic approach to linear temporal logic' (.ps file)

Dexter Kozen's powerpoint slides on Kleene algebras and PDL (used in 3 lectures at NZIMA Logic and Computation Workshop, Nelson, New Zealand, 2004):
lecture 1   lecture 2   lecture 3

Johan van Benthem's valedictory lecture, September 2014