Francis Nixon



Current: MEng Mathematics and Computer Science Imperial College London (2017-2021)

Previous: Los Altos High School (2013-2017)


UK and US dual citizen

Programing Languages:

Preferred - Kotlin, Java, D, C

Familiar with Python, Mathematica

Basic knowledge Haskell, C++, JS, HTML, CSS

Other Skills

Familiar with - Git,Gdb

Basic Knowledge NodeJs, make

Open Source:

Github profile:

I contribute regularly to , which aims to bring support to Intellij for the D programming language.


Chess Game in Java:

For a high school project, I implemented a chess game, with a basic AI, which used special terminal control characters to create a text-based UI, similar to vim/emacs. Source code available here:

Chess Game in C:

I implemented a chess game and AI in c as personal project. I added logging to my AI to allow for easier debugging, as well as multithreading, to fully utilize available cores. Source code available here


Frequent volunteered at Grassroots Ecology (formerly part of Acterra), from 2012 to 2016.