I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in AI

at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.

I work on Explainable AI, applying computational argumentation to support transparent decision making in fields such as medical reasoning, legal informatics, mathematical optimisation.

I manage researchers, enthusiastically supervise and teach students, present my work at top tier international conferences, review and assess the works of others and give highest quality feedback, organise research events, represent and speak on behalf of my colleagues and fellow AI researchers during institutional and public engagement opportunities.

Explaining Legislation

I have published Explanations by Arbitrated Argumentative Dispute at Expert Systems with Applications, a premier international journal on applications of intelligent systems.

Optimisation and Explanation in AI

I am organising Optimisation and Explanation in AI (OXAI) workshop at IJCAI 2019, a premier AI conference, to be held in August 2019 (Macao, China).

Assumption-Based Argumentation at AAMAS

I have 3 papers accepted for publication at AAMAS, a premier AI conference, to be presented in May 2019.

Argumentation for Explainable Scheduling

I published and presented a paper at AAAI, a premier AI conference, in January 2019. (16.2% acceptance rate)

Outreach and Activities

I engaged with UK policy-makers at The Forum: AI & Health on March 3.

I organise Explainable AI seminar series at Imperial.


I participated at an Explainability Expert Roundtable discussion on Explainable AI, at The Alan Turing Institute.

I am a very distinguished PC member at IJCAI-ECAI 2018, a premier AI conference.


I work on the following

Explainable AI (XAI)

I am particularly interested in explainable reasoning using symbolic AI, in applications ranging from optimisation to legal reasoning to clinical decision support. XAI research currently spans across many of my activities.


EPSRC project: Resource Optimisation, Argumentation, Decision support and Knowledge Transfer to create Value via Learning Health Systems.
I apply computational argumentation methods to explainable reasoning with clinical guidelines and integration with optimisation.

Analysing the Passage of UK Parliament Bills

Project in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, Data Science Institute and Imperial College Business School. I have driven the development of both methodology and a working system to explain primary legislation outcomes.


I consider these the most important:


  • PhD Research in Computing (Artificial Intelligence), Imperial College London. 2017

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    Department of Computing, Imperial College London
    180 Queen's Gate, SW7 2AZ, London, UK
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