Policy Agents: Licensed to Manage


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Table of Contents

Policy Agents: Licensed to Manage

Policy Based Management of Distributed Systems

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Management: What?

Management: What?

Management: What?

Management Control Loop


Management : Why?

Management: Why?

Quality of Service (QoS) Management

Our Dependence on Distributed Computing

Why is Management of Distributed Systems Difficult?

Management Solutions

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Domains ? Grouping

Domains ? Hierarchy

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Management Policy


Domains and Policies

Policy Propagation

Authorisation Policy

Authorisation Examples

Negative Authorisation

Default Authorisation

Obligation Policy

Obligation Examples

Negative Obligation

Finance Director Policy Refinement

Policy Notation

Policy Implementation

Protecting Policies

Obligation Policy Agent

Authorisation Agent

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Multiple Policies May Apply

Modality Conflicts

Example Conflicts



Tool Support

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User Representation Domain


Manager Roles

Role Instances

Policy Template

Role Specialisation

Special Agent Roles

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Mobile Users

Mobility Issues

Convergence of Telecommunications & Computing

Convergence: Why?

Programmable Telecommunications

Network & Distributed Systems Management

Author: M. Sloman

Email: mss@doc.ic.ac.uk