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2016 - 2017 Session

First Year UTA HomePage

About the UTA scheme

First class second and third Year students may be hired as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs). UTAs assist the first year teaching during the autumn and spring terms in usually one of three areas:

UTAs are recruited over the summer break, the department will contact eligable students to ask them if they would like to be a UTA, and which role(s) they would be happy to undertake. Towards the end of the summer, the interested students are allocated to PPT/PMT or Lab assistant roles where possible.

UTA Training, Feedback and Support

To enable a smooth running of the UTA system, an introductory training session, and monthly feedback sessions, are held during term time. The location and times of these will be posted here before term starts when the details are confirmed.

Please be aware that the introductory training session will happen during Week 1 of Autumn term - please try as far as possible to be available during that week!

At all other times, you can contact me, Maria, by dropping into Room 228, or via email with any questions / comments / suggestions / problems.

Payment and Claims

Payments and claims for UTA work are handled through the TSC system.

The details for this year are still being worked out, however you are strongly recommended to check the following links for last year's information, as the details will remain broadly the same this year.