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University residences are busy places: managing students' pastoral, welfare and disciplinary issues - with the associated paperwork - as well as social programmes. Keep track of the things that matter and remove the burden of administration. By RAs, for RAs.


eHalls is a scalable, custom written Hall of Residence management system for those managing the fabric of the building, as well as the people in it. It covers issues ranging from move-in day registration, key issuing, through to day-to-day things like post, event ticketing, duty rounds, and of course the more serious incident recording and resident information lookups. It is a versatile web based system (accessible globally, or locked down to a University network) that runs on mobiles, tablets and PCs/Macs. It manages a vast array of things for RAs/Wardens, Hall/Facility Supervisors, Senior Students and Residents - and can be used to automate and simplify many daily hall tasks.

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Feature List

eHalls can run for one single residence, or a network (of independently-operating, or jointly-operating) halls.

The terminology used below matches that of Imperial College London, where this project was bourne out of. Other Universities may use slightly different terms for similar roles.

Specific features for each user group (note that positions 'lower down' the list can see all features above them as well).

Resident/all features

  • Complete Hall Registration, accept rules, update contact information
  • Manage emergency contact information
  • View information about their room (phone extension, Pastoral groups, etc)
  • View Hall Committee Meeting minutes
  • Ask a Question/view previously asked questions/emails sent to Wardens
  • View products purchased
  • View event tickets issued
  • Transfer event tickets
  • Complete Room Inventory form
  • Compete in league tables (pool, table tennis, chess, etc)
  • Compete in Assassins game
  • Submit overnight guest request
  • Search and manage appearance in the internal Hall Directory
  • Access social media
  • View Hall Rules

Hall Committee Member features
  • Add HCM Meeting Minutes

Hall Senior features
  • View pastoral group photos, names and rooms
  • View details on tasks for the Hall and colleagues working with
  • Sign up for tasks for the Hall

Hall Supervisor features
  • Manage post/deliveries
    • Log post arriving
    • Automatically emailing delivery notices to residents
    • Option to describe post
    • Check off students as they collect post
    • Remind students of uncollected post
  • View Mainenance reports from Warden logs
  • View student information
    • KX feed information (and it's updated versions)
    • Previously logged post
  • Issue items for loan that students can borrow
  • Key Management
    • Check-in students
    • Collect signatures (on iPad/phone) for keys
    • Reproduce key forms
    • See report on missing keys
  • Room Inventory Management
    • See all room inventory forms
    • Check off/edit/mark complete forms
    • See report on missing items
    • Remind students about missing forms

Warden features
  • Template based approach for other main bodies of text
  • Duty and Logs
    • Submit duty logs with rounds, incidents and maintenance logs
      • Automatically features previous incidents requiring follow up
      • Assigns incidents to relevant Warden for follow up
      • Template for rounds to allow easier logging of mess/noise
      • Saveable so can be completed in parts/as duty is ongoing
      • On submit emails to team and maintenance to Hall Supervisors
    • Edit logs
    • View all logs
    • Push a log that you have started to another Warden (say, if someone is covering for a few hours and the log then needs to be finished by someone else)
    • Duty Calendar (powered by Google Calendar)
    • Fire Activation form to be completed if the fire alarm sounds
    • `House' mailing lists to contact students if there is a notice that only affects a subset
      • `Houses' can be defined by Hall: allows halls to split rooms (students) into groups
      • Pastoral groups (see later) are then groups of these `Houses' that one Warden looks after
    • Currently in-house overnight guests
  • Students and Issues
    • Look up student
      • Full reporting on student information, previous duty log, note mentions, disciplinaries.
      • Post received
      • Products purchased
      • Overnight guest requests
    • Photo wall of all residents
    • Under 18s report
    • Log a note (for when a warden wants to record something but isn't on duty to submit a duty log)
    • Manage follow-ups
    • Update student details (room moves, etc)
  • Reports
    • Overnight guests
    • Medical notes
    • Pastoral meeting report
    • Review of duty log rounds (cummulative scores)
    • Report on issues by type (welfare, fire, drugs, etc)
    • Assassins Admin
  • Administration
    • Add a student
    • Import KX list
    • Hall Senior Applications
      • Read applications
      • Shortlisting
      • Offer positions automatically and collect acceptances
    • Subwarden Applications - shortlisting and reading applications
  • Events
    • Union website sales reports
    • Upload union sales report from CSV script
    • Cash sales reports
    • Add cash sales
    • Combined sales report (cash and online)
    • Allocate event tickets for products purchased
    • Check off tickets (including, on iPhone and Android, a barcode scanner)
    • Manage dinner signups
    • Create dinner menu cards
    • Coming soon: Manage seating plans for formal dinners
  • Pastoral
    • Log meeting with pastoral student
    • Pastoral group mailing lists
    • Pastoral group photowall
    • Missing pastoral meeting checklist
  • Emails
    • Manage emails/student questions
      • Ticket management system with email piping
    • Email students from the Warden's email address
  • Disciplinary
    • Add disciplinary note
    • List disciplinaries
  • Tasks
    • Add tasks
    • Manage Hall Seniors helping
    • View my tasks
    • Automatic email reminders
  • Time Off
    • Requet time away from Halls
    • View all Wardening team absences from Halls
  • Help
    • Useful Contacts from Wardening protocols
    • Protocols
    • Departmental Tutors
    • eHalls Help

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