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  1. What are the challenge objectives?

    It is expected that the algorithms submitted are capable 1) labelling voxels that belong to atrial wall, and 2) computing the atrial wall thickness from the segmentation. However, the second objective remains optional. For more details on the outputs expected, please refer to our forum post on this topic.

  2. When is the submission deadline?

    Please make a note of the important dates. The deadine to register the abstract is 15th June. The paper must be submitted by 21st June. At this stage only an outline with preliminary results, if possible, is necessary. Following acceptance, full papers can be submitted on 1st August. All papers will be published as an LNCS volume.

  3. What data will we be provided for the challenge?

    There are two modalities in the datasets: MRI and CT. There are 10 datasets in each modality. For the MRI datasets, the left atrial endocardial chamber segmentation (i.e. blood pool) is also provided as a separate binary image.

  4. Is training data available for this challenge?

    Some training data has been made available to all challengers.

  5. Can we only choose to work on one modality, CT or MRI?

    That is absolutely fine if you wish to only segment the atrial wall from either of the two: CT or MRI.

  6. Are there any awards given out, such as best paper?

    Indeed, there will be an award for the best paper. The recipient of the best paper award will receive a monetary prize of 500 GBP.

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