Welcome to my homepage!

I am a Greek mathematician/computer scientist with a passion in neuroscience, biologically inspired artificial intelligence and robotics. Currently, I work in the department of Computing of Imperial College London with Prof. Murray Shanahan, where I act as the principal investigator of the six-partner EU project TimeStorm. I also work for Emotech LTD, where I am building the A.I. system of the personal robot Olly. Finally, I recently received my PhD in computational neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. Shanahan, where I investigated the relation between brain oscillations, our ability to select actions and Parkinsonian tremor. In this website I provide some information about myself, my interests and pieces of work that I have done so far and I'd like to share with you.


My research interests lie in the intersection of brain-inspired artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience and cognitive robotics. I am particularly interested in biological action selection (with emphasis on the basal ganglia), dynamical systems in neuroscience and applications of cognitive and computational neuroscience research in real embodied systems such as neuromorphic robots.

I investigate how human-like aspects of cognition can emerge from bottom-up models such as models with spiking neural networks. Some cognitive abilities of the brain that have been bothering me, include the abilities to:

  • globally access and process information concurrently,
  • simulate potential future scenarios and generate predictions to drive decisions,
  • implement Bayesian inference via predictive coding.

In my PhD, I focused on how action selection occurs in the brain, when the latter is viewed as an oscillatory dynamical system, how important are the dynamics of individual neurons for this purpose, as opposed to those of neural circuits, as well as how the action selection mechanism of the brain might be responsible for the basic motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease, such as the resting tremor.

Teaching and talks

IDE Module - Computational Intelligence in the Wild Lecture 3 (17/04/2018) - Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London.
For the slides click here.

"Imitating human behaviour with brain-inspired artificial intelligence" Talk in the Royal College of Art with Dr. Anastasia Sylaidi. For the slides press here.

Software tools

  • Brain Studio: A suite of simulation tools for large-scale spiking neural networks including NeMo simulator.