2011 - 2016: Imperial College London - United Kingdom
Department of Computing
PhD in Computational Neuroscience
Title: "Action selection in the rhythmic brain: The role of the basal ganglia and tremor."
Supervisor: Prof. Murray Shanahan
2010 - 2011: Imperial College London - United Kingdom
Department of Computing
MSc in Computing Science
Grade: Distinction
Thesis (grade: Distinguished):
"Spiking Neural Networks for Human-like Avatar Control in a Simulated Environment"
Supervisors: Dr. David Gamez, Dr. Andreas Fidjeland
2003 - 2010: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece
Department of Mathematics
Bachelor Degree in Mathematics (four yearlong undergraduate course)
Grade: 7.72 out of 10
Senior Thesis Projects:
 • "A comparison between the complexities of the games chess and go",
 • "An approach to the solution of the board game Eternity II",Advisor:
Prof. Ioannis Antoniou
2008 - 2009: City University London - United Kingdom
Department of Mathematical Science
Six-month exchange in the frame of the LLP/Erasmus Programme


11/2018-present: Honorary Research Fellow - Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging, UCL
 •   Research on active inference, deep learning and fighting social loneliness.
11/2018-present: Visiting lecturer - School of Design, Royal College of Art
 •   Lectures on brain-inspired artificial intelligence.
06/2015-present: Research scientist, founding member - Emotech LTD
 •  Research on human personality estimation and modeling.
 •   Lead design and development of the artificial intelligence engine of the personal robot Olly.
04/2016-08/2018: Research associate - Imperial College London
 •   Part of the six-partner EU (Horizon) project "TimeStorm".
 •   Research on human time perception/estimation, deep neural networks and episodic memory recall.
 •   Main designer and developer of the software suite Brain Studio.
09/2011-09/2017: Teaching assistant - Department of Computing, Imperial College London.
 •   (Teaching and supervision summarised in a later section).
09/2010-03/2011: Visitor researcher - Computational Neurodynamics Group, Imperial College London.
 •   Research on large-scale neural cognitive systems with human-like behaviour.
09/2006-07/2010: Co-Founder, team leader, developer - PANDORA Robotics.
 •  (2008-09) Lead of the robotic arm team. Design and construction of two mobile robotic platforms (one autonomous and one teleoperated) for the Rescue Robot League of the Robocup 2009 World Championship and Symposium. Graz, Austria. (Best European participation.)
 •  (2007-08) Lead of the artificial intelligence team. Design and construction of an autonomous mobile robotic platform for the Rescue Robot League of the Robocup 2008 World Championship and Symposium. Suzhou, China.
 •  (2006-07) Mechanical Design of a robotic arm.
 •  Main programming language: C++


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3 years)
Computational Neurodynamics (4 years)
Integrated Programming Laboratory (C++, Prolog, Assembly - 3 years)
MSc thesis by Peerut Boonchokchuay.
MSc thesis by Pavlos Rontidis.
MSc group project. Title: "OpenBG: An Open-Source Neural Network Simulation Tool"
MSc group project. Title: "Implementation of attentional bistability of the dragonfly visual neurons in an intelligent biomimetic flying agent." Co-supervised in collaboration with Pedro A.M. Mediano.


4 x CES 2017 Innovation Awards (smart home, drones and unmanned systems, home appliances, home audio-video accessories), for the personal robot Olly, as the lead Artificial Intelligence designer, Las Vegas, January 2017
Google EMEA Scholarship for the 2014-15 academic year
Shortlisted for the Best Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Student Academic Choice Awards 2014 Imperial College London (6 shortlisted out of 600 nominees).
Best 1st year PhD project, DoC Google Poster Competition 2013 - Imperial College London
EPSRC Doctoral Training Account (DTA) Studentship for PhD in Computing at Imperial College London (2012-2015).
Distinguished project status for MSc thesis – Imperial College London 2011
Prize of Excellence and Innovation 2009. Best student participation in international competitions.
Selected by the research committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, November 2010.
"Best paper (demo session) prize" (2009) for the presentation of the project "Search and Rescue Robotic Platform, development and implementation for the Robocup-Roborescue 2008 contest".
Selected by the scientific board of the 3rd National Convention of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students, held in Thessaloniki 10-11 April 2009.
"Best paper (demo session) prize" (2008) for the presentation of the project "Construction and demonstration of a robotic arm with four degrees of freedom".
Selected by the scientific board of the 2nd National Convention of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students, held in Athens 18-19 April 2008.
State Scholarships Foundation's scholarship holder in the frame of the LLP/Erasmus Programme.


Fluent in C/C++, Qt framework, Python, Prolog, Mathematica, LATEX and SPSS.
Good understanding of Matlab, (Visual) Basic, PostgreSQL, Java, OpenGL and Assembly(8086).
Familar with CUDA, Android SDK, CLIPS, LISP and SolidWorks.
Fluent in various simulation tools including brian, NeuroML, NEURON, NeMo and Brain Studio.
Main developer of the simulation suite Brain Studio and part of the maintenance team of NeMo simulator.
Broad experience in the machine learning libraries scikit-learn, caffe and torch, as well as the robotics libraries MRPT and Webots.


31/08-03/09/11: 2011 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, Seoul, South Korea
Participation in 2K BotPrize 2011 (2nd place).
29/06-05/07/09: 13th RoboCup World Championship and Symposium, Graz, Austria
Participation in Rescue Robot League (9th place).
14-20/07/08: 12th RoboCup World Championship and Symposium, Suzhou, China
Participation in Rescue Robot League (8th place).


15/03/18: AI Assistant Summit London
Invited talk: Imitating humans with brain-inpsired A.I.
16/12/17: Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2017
Presentation and demonstration of Olly the robot.
22/11/17: Imitating human behaviour with brain-inspired artificial intelligence
Talk in the Royal College of Art with Anastasia Sylaidi. (slides).
12-16/07/15: Groningen Spring School of Cognitive Modeling, Groningen, Netherlands
Demonstration and tutorial on brain studio.
09/2012: Interview in the UK magazine New Scientist
• Article: Mimicry beats consciousness in gaming’s Turing test, by Celeste Biever.
09/2012: Interview in the UK magazine ``EDGE''
• Article: Unreal bots beat Turing test: AI players are officially more humans than gamers, by Keith Stuart.
09/2012: Interview in the UK magazine New Scientist
• Article: AI cyber-fighter: does it feel human, punk?, by Celeste Biever
13-15/12/11: 31st SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Talk and demonstration as a part of special session on 'Alan Turing and the Turing Test for Machine Intelligence'.
19-23/09/09: 19th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, Thessaloniki, Greece
Demonstration of the robotic platforms of PANDORA team.


2011-2013: Co-founder and committee member of Economics Society of Imperial College London
2007-2010: President of the Chess club of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2004-2006: Student Representative to the Sector of Computer Sciences and Numerical Analysis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Mathematics


Robotics, Traveling, Sailing, Chess, Tae Kwon Do, Psychology, Music