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CONCUR 2004: Accepted Papers

A Higher Order Modal Fixed Point Logic
  Mahesh Viswanathan, Ramesh Viswanathan
A symbolic decision procedure for cryptographic protocols with time stamps
  L. Bozga, C. Ene and Y. Lakhnech
An Extensional Spatial Logic for Mobile Processes
  Daniel Hirschkoff
Asynchronous Games 2: The true concurrency of innocence
  Paul-André Melliès
Basic Theory of Reduction Congruence for Two Timed Asynchronous Pi-Calculi
  Martin Berger
Characterizing EF and EX tree logics
  Mikolaj Bojanczyk Igor Walukiewicz
Comparing Infinite-State Systems with Their Finite-State Specifications
  A. Kucera, Ph. Schnoebelen
Compiling Pattern Matching in Join-Patterns
  Qin Ma and Luc Maranget
Deciding Probabilistic Bisimilarity over Infinite-State Probabilistic Systems
  T. Brazdil, A. Kucera, O. Strazovsky
Elimination of Quantifiers and Undecidability in Spatial Logics for Concurrency
  Luis Caires and Etienne Lozes
Extended Process Rewrite Systems: Expressiveness and Reachability
  Mojmir Kretinsky, Vojtech Rehak, Jan Strejcek
Message-Passing Automata are expressively equivalent to EMSO Logic
  Benedikt Bollig and Martin Leucker
Model Checking Timed Automata with One or Two Clocks
  F. Laroussinie, N. Markey, Ph. Schnoebelen
Model Checking Restricted Sets of Timed Paths
  N. Markey and J.-F. Raskin
Modular Construction of Modal Logics
  Corina Cirstea and Dirk Pattinson
muABC: A Minimal Aspect Calculus
  Glenn Bruns, Radha Jagadeesan, Alan Jeffrey, James Riely
On Flatness for 2-dimensional Vector Addition Systems with States
  Jérôme Leroux and Grégoire Sutre
Open maps, alternating simulations and control synthesis
  Paulo Tabuada
Parameterised boolean equation systems (extended abstract)
  Jan Friso Groote and Tim A.C. Willemse
Probabilistic Event Structures and Domains
  Daniele Varacca, Hagen Voelzer, Glynn Winskel
Resource Control for Synchronous Cooperative Threads
  Roberto M. Amadio and Silvano Dal Zilio
Reversible Communicating Systems
  Vincent Danos, Jean Krivine
Session Types for Functional Multithreading
  Vasco Vasconcelos and Antonio Ravara and Simon Gay
Symbolic Bisimulation in the Spi Calculus
  Johannes Borgström, Sébastien Briais, Uwe Nestmann
The pros and cons of netcharts
  Nicolas BAUDRU & Remi MORIN
Timed vs Time-Triggered Automata
  Pavel Krcal, Leonid Mokrushin, P.S. Thiagarajan and Wang Yi
Type Based Discretionary Access Control
  Michele Bugliesi, Dario Colazzo, Silvia Crafa
Verification by Network Decomposition
  Edmund Clarke, Muralidhar Talupur, Tayssir Touili, Helmut Veith
Verifying Finite-State Graph Grammars: an Unfolding-Based Approach
  Paolo Baldan, Andrea Corradini, Barbara Koenig

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