Event Details
June 6th 2014
About GaME '12

The Games and Media Event is an annual day of talks by members of academia and the media industries on the challenges and rewards of working on problems in the entertainment industries. The day is composed of a number of talks about a wide variety of subjects, covering technical topics from project management to artificial intelligence; from software optimisation to tweaking the look of a polar bear's fur.

In the past few years, GaME has fostered links between major businesses in the industry and research groups on the cutting edge of their fields, and the event continues to bring the two sides to work together.

Imperial's GaME event has been organised over the years by lots of people, including:
  • Amy Allinson
  • Rob Chatley
  • Mike Cook
  • Will Heaven
  • Marc Hull
  • Paul Kelly
  • Marily Nika
  • Victoria Nicholl
  • Karen Osmond
  • Adam Wright
  • Julia Zhangieri
We also gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Department of Computing.
If you have any enquiries, please contact Paul Kelly and Victoria Nicholl at game@doc.ic.ac.uk