Event Details
June 6th 2014
GaME 2014 - Programme
09:30Arrival, registration
10:00 Pervasive Games
Steve Benford
Mixed reality Lab, University of Nottingham
10:35 When science meets games
Itamar Lesuisse
11:10 Coffee Break

11:40 Grasping Players’ Emotions: A Serious Game?
Bjoern Schuller
Imperial College London
12:15 Fail Safely: Gaming Technology, connected to real world data is now used by businesses and governments to help plan our future
Justin Lyon
CEO and founder, Simudyne
12:50 Lunch

14:00 Developing a small game on wide range of modern platforms.
Mark Craig
Lucid Games
14:35 An introduction to Virtual Reality with Project Morpheus
Jed Ashforth
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
15:10 Coffee Break

15:50 Game Theory: Founding, growing and selling a technology company in the games industry.
Chris Doran
16:25 Life is a Game
Jonathan Read
Head of the UK Office, Bohemia Interactive Simulations
17:00 Closing remarks
Professor Susan Eisenbach
Head, Department of Computing, Imperial College London
If you have any enquiries, please contact Paul Kelly and Victoria Nicholl at game@doc.ic.ac.uk