Modal/temporal logic

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My research in this area is in canonicity, expressiveness, decidability (of predicate temporal logics), complexity, and some work on axiomatisations (completeness theorems) and fixed-point temporal logic.  Recently I have done some work in spatial logic (topological semantics of modal logic).

I jointly authored (with Gabbay and Reynolds) a research monograph on temporal logic.

I was on the steering committee of Advances in Modal Logic (AiML), from 2004-2012.
I was co-chair of the programme committee for AiML-06, held in Noosa, Queensland, Australia, Sept 2006. The proceedings are:
Guido Governatori, Ian Hodkinson, Yde Venema (eds)
Advances in Modal Logic volume 6
College Publications, 2006, ISBN 1-904987-20-6

With Mark Reynolds, I wrote the chapter Temporal Logic Chapter 11 (pp. 655-720) in Handbook of Modal Logic,
Patrick Blackburn, Johan van Benthem, and Frank Wolter, eds.,
Elsevier Science, 2006, 1260 pages, ISBN 978-0-444-51690-9.
Publisher's page for book

Talk at AiML 2002 (Toulouse) (.pdf file of slides) (4 to a page)